Friday, October 21, 2011

Enjoying the cooler weather

We took a little time out to play outside before dinner. Hudsyn cracks me up. Everytime she sees a camera she says cheese real loud and holds her cheese face until you take the picture.

Hudsyn can climb up and slide all by herself but she hasn't learned how to put her feet down so she crash lands every time :)


Jamie, Diana, J'Lee and Jaxon said...

You should totally pull out the cheerleading videos! Look at that straight leg...she is destined to be on the top of a stunt! Yes?

Isn't it funny how it doesn't bother them one bit when they land that hard. Too cute!!!

eleventhirtysix images said...

I love how Hudsyn isn't concerned with going down the slide until you tell Prestley 'no' about the sandbox.... the voom, down the slide, off the ground, straight to the sandbox, lol. Bad baby! lol.