Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our long Memorial Day Weekend...

We had plans to go to Austin Friday for Brandon's graduation from UT but found out Thursday that Prestley had strep throat. Soooo, guess who got to stay home with her :) Chris went to Austin by himself and we stayed home to get some much needed rest. She is taking some medicine that smells rotten and makes me gag just to give it to her. We have to dip the syringe in chocolate syrup just to get it in her mouth and then we still have to force it down. Poor baby, she's such a trooper.
Anyway, so Saturday evening we took her to build a bear to pick out some clothes for her monkey and then went to dinner. We sat on the patio because they had live music but of course Prestley ended up being the star of the show. She was clapping and dancing and had everyone smiling.
Sunday, Chris cleaned our house GOOD, while I napped. Oh, how I love him...lol. Then we went to Allison and Jason's for dinner. Prestley and Charlotte are so cute together.
Monday, we went to the park with the Sattler's and Duckworth's for a cookout. The kids played, we ate good food and just enjoyed good company. Prestley wore herself out and fell a sleep watching Nemo as soon as we got home. It was a good long weekend, now it's back to business!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Practicing for two...

We had Jolie this weekend, so we got some practice in on what it will be like with two kids. As most of you already know, Chris and I are going to try and expand the family soon. No....I'm not pregnant yet, but hopefully soon. We've also put offers on two houses. We really prefer one over the other so say a little prayer for us and **cross those fingers** we get it.
Here's a few pics from the weekend. Excuse Prestley's dirty face and messy hair, these were taken right after they woke up and ate breakfast.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Surprise trip to New Orleans

Chris turned the BIG 3-0 May 5th so I surprised him with a trip to New Orleans. We went with our friends Brenda and Jerry. It was an 8 hour car ride but we had so much fun. Brenda and I started the trip off with massages...oh how I love getting massaged. Chris won $300 playing poker, and we ended up spending almost all of it. Bourbon St was pretty disgusting. It smelled of vomit and had pics of naked girls pretty much on every wall. Definitley not a family place, although oddly enough, we saw lots of people with their kids. We ate tons of food, especially on the car ride...me and Brenda can put away some gas station junk food. I tried my first Oyster. It wasn't raw, it was chargrilled and it wasn't as disgusting as I thought it would be. But... I wouldn't eat it again. Chris and Jerry tried turtle soup, I couldn't do it. They also rode a mechanical bull, which was hilarious. I'm not good at detailing every moment but those were the highlights. We didn't take many pictures but here are a few.