Monday, June 16, 2008

Hanging out with uncle Brandon

Happy Father's Day

Prestley playing with Ethan

Someone needs a lesson in sharing!

This video was taken a few hours after Prestley's surgery. I think they did something to my sweet baby in the operating room. She was feeling feisty.

Big Bad Surgery Day!!!

Here's Prestley waking up on the morning of surgery!
We went to the surgery center and Prestley did so good that they said she didn't need any meds to calm her down before surgery. It seemed like a long wait to us though!

They finally came and took her back and the surgery lasted MAYBE 10 mins.  They said that she did great and they would come get us when she woke up in about 15 mins. As soon as the nurse walked out, she turned around and came right back and said well....she's AWAKE and crying for MAMA!!! She pretty much acted like nothing had happened. As soon as we got home she went on to playing with her as So far we haven't had any trouble with the tubes and I did a lot of stressing for nothing!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

She's going to be a bed hog!

We snuck in to check on Prestley and she was all stretched out at the BOTTOM of her bed. She started out at the top of her bed, sleeping on her tummy and ended up at the other end on her back!

Musical Baby...

We went bowling with the family and poor Prestley got passed around from person to person. She didn't mind though, she eats up the attention. She is soooo good, she didn't cry once. I don't think she ever cries when we take her out places (KNOCK ON WOOD!)Some of the pics came out weird because of the lighting.

Prestley's first swim party...

Prestley was invited to her first swimming party. She loves the water!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I guess she likes it!

As everyone knows Prestley is a big girl now, so she had to have a a big girl car seat. It is very different from her infant carrier so we were worried she wouldn't like it. For the price we paid, I guess it's a good thing SHE DOES... at least she did today. It was only the first day but it must be comfy!

Practicing for Miss America...

Prestley learns something new pretty much every day. Her latest thing is waving and saying hi. She's starting to talk more and more and is even standing up unassisted. Every once in a while she'll forget she isn't holding on and try to take a step but so far she just falls. I'm sure any day she's going to be walking on her own and then everyone better WATCH OUT!

The big girl pool

Prestley went swimming for the 1st time in the big girl We took her to our community swimming pool and she loved it! She had her little swim diaper and her float and she thought she was so grown up. She was kicking her legs and splashing and trying to swim like the big kids. She liked her float until she realized no one else had a float so of course we had to take her out.

Our little sicky...

Prestley went to her ENT appt yesterday and they agree that she does need tubes. She hasn't suffered any hearing damage from the infections so that is good. Her ears aren't draining the way they should so the fluid is just getting backed up in there which is causing the infections. The tubes will help her ears drain so hopefully that means, no more infections! She will be having the surgery on June 13th. It's a pretty common procedure and usually takes only about a day to recover. I'm sure it will be more traumatizing for us than it will be for her! I'll update everyone after the surgery, keep us in your prayers!