Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prestley and Mercy

Prestley spent the weekend at her Meemie's because her older cousin Mercy was in town. So my mom had all three grandkids together. They all had matching pink dresses for church, it was so cute. These pics were after my mom brought Prestley back home so I didn't get any pics of all three of them together, but hopefully my mom did.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Prestley and her Daddy!

Happy Father's Day...thanks for being such a good daddy, we love you! These were taken right before bed, that's why she's got crazy hair...lol.

Friday, June 19, 2009

June 30th Completion Date

We still don't have an exact closing date but we found out the house will be finished June 30th. We are hoping we'll get to move in around the middle of July. Here are some updated pictures of how the house is progessing. Oh, and I'm throwing in a few of Prestley too because I can't resist.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our Tuesday Evening ER Visit...

Tuesday afternoon the babysitter called and said Prestley was running a fever of 102.1. So I picked her up and headed for the doctor for what I thought was going to be a quick in and out visit. Now a little back story...
On Sunday morning Prestley woke up and was playing in her crib when she suddenly started crying. I went in to check on her and she was holding her arm complaining that it hurt. I figured she stuck it through the rails on her crib and bent it the wrong way or something. I tried to pick her up and she started crying like she was in severe pain. She wouldn't let us touch it or move it so we iced it down, gave her some motrin and just held her for a while. By the afternoon she was using her arm fine and it didn't seem to really bother her.
Ok, back to the doctor visit. Prestley was running around the little room like a crazy person, flipping and climbing on everything. She apparently hurt her arm again because she started crying hysterically and holding that same arm. When the doctor came in, she wouldn't let her touch her and it appeared like her arm was broken in a million pieces...of course I knew it wasn't but she was hysterical. So the doctor insisted I take her to the ER for X-rays since her arm was hurting and she was running a fever with no other symtoms. I of course don't want to take her because I know there isn't anything major wrong with her and I don't have $100 bucks to waste but she was concerned there could be a bone or joint infection that was causing the fever and her arm to hurt. So against what I thought, I took her to the ER. We had multiple X-rays done and a strep test, just in case... and as I suspected, there was nothing wrong with her. We didn't get home until after 10pm, we hadn't had dinner, we were tired, cranky and out another $120 bucks and we still had no idea what was causing her fever. What a night!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

*We Are Under Contract*

After months of house hunting and heart break over losing the house we really wanted, we finally have a contract! It's a new house, still under construction, so it will be completely move in ready which was the main selling point for us. We've been looking at much larger homes but decided that we didn't want to take on all the work it was going to take to make them what we wanted. Not to mention we don't have tons of time and money to make those improvements right away. So we decided on a smaller new house. It has four bedrooms, a formal living and dining room and is just under 2000 sq feet. I'm excited and think it will suit us just fine. Everyone pray that the rest of this process is smooth sailing and that we don't run into any problems. Here are a few pics. I'll post more as the contruction progresses.

Prestley's Dr. Appt

Prestley saw an Allergy Immunologist yesterday for some more tests. They did a full work up of her immune system and the skin allergy test. She isn't allergic to anything but we were pretty sure that wasn't the problem anyway. She is having a CT of her sinuses done today as well. We are determined to get our baby girl better. We should know more once we get all the test results back but hopefully we can finally get some answers. We are starting some new medication so maybe she'll stay well for a while this time. Normally, Prestley isn't allowed suckers or candy or junk because I'm a mean old mommy but because she was so brave and didn't even cry when they took her blood she got lots of treats. She ended up having 2 suckers at the doctors office because she had to be occupied long enough not to touch her back during the allergy testing. She thought they were the greatest things ever! Then I took her to McDonlad's and she didn't eat any of her food but she did eat a packet of carmel syrup meant for dipping apples. THEN....they were mopping the play area and Prestley slipped and bumped her head super hard, started crying hysterically, so I felt bad and bought her ice cream. Then we went to Allison's so she could play with Charlotte and she got some cheerios. So pretty much she ate junk all day and guess what she told me afterward??? Mommy, my belly hurts...lol...I wonder why!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

House Update...

So we didn't get the house we really wanted, someone snatched it up from under us. We still haven't heard back on the other house we made an offer on, but that's a good thing because I'm really unsure about the house. Apparently, the listing agent has a hard time reaching his client so who knows when we might hear something. BUT... we found another house we like and have made an offer on that one as well. It's A LOT smaller than the other houses we've been looking at but it's cute and we really like the neighborhood and location. Even though it's small, I think it will still give us plenty of room. And it's just a starter house right...lol. Anyway, hopefully we'll know something this week because I'm sick to death of looking at houses.
I'm throwing in some photos of Prestley from her weekend at the grandparents. Thank God for grandparents!!!