Thursday, August 28, 2008

Walking in a diaper is tough work...

Prestley has been walking for a while now but she just recently started walking EVERYWHERE!!! She still isn't the best at walking in shoes or on surfaces like grass but she's getting better and faster! It's hilarious to watch her walk because she does this weird thing with her legs that's hard to explain. I guess it is probably pretty hard to walk around in a bulky diaper though. Here is a short video of her walking around at the park the other day.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

1st Birthday Party

We had Prestley's birthday party today and boy am I glad it's over!!! Besides spending WAY to much money, forgetting to serve the ice cream and hand out the goodie bags, things went pretty well. Prestley now has 1,000,021 toys. I have to say that her favorite by far was the Barbie power wheels that mommy and daddy got her! YAY....

Ok....she had a chance to go crazy and get cake every where but she just picked at it. I guess that's a good thing but it wasn't very entertaining.

Friday, August 22, 2008

1 year down, a lifetime more to go...

We've made it a whole year...Prestley Dawn is 1 year old! Prestley has been such a blessing. She's changed us for the better in so many ways. Thank you God for giving us such a wonderful little girl. We are having a small party for her this weekend so there will be more pictures to follow but here are a few that Megan (our babysitter) took for us yesterday on her actual birthday (and a few from the day before) since we were stuck at work!

Monday, August 18, 2008

PRE-birthday celebration...

We wanted to take Prestley to the Dallas World Aquarium for her birthday since she LOVES showing us what the fishy the weekend got away from us and we ended up at Planet Pizza instead. Not exactly the Aquarium but Prestley had a good time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The fam comes to visit Prestley...

When is a fever too high???

If you've ever had a sick baby, you've probably asked yourself this question. It's the weekend and your pediatrician is closed and your baby is running what you consider to be a high you take them to the emergency room or treat it with Tylenol and manage it till Monday morning? Apparently, that is a question that nurses and doctors will not answer no matter how many times you ask it. Well, when Prestley's fever reached 106 on Sunday morning...all bets were off. We weren't waiting a second longer, we thankfully came across a pediatric after hours clinic to take her to instead of the emergency room. They ran a battery of tests and basically tortured the poor girl and so far we still don't know what caused her to get so sick. She was fine when she woke up Saturday morning, we put her down for a nap and when she woke up, she was running a fever of 103. We thought maybe she was just warm from being wrapped up in the blanket so we gave her a little bit of Tylenol and waited. Well, the only thing that happened was her fever kept going up and she just kept getting sicker. After 2 trips to the doctor, a blood and urine test, and 4 shots...she seems to finally be getting better! THE CAUSE-unknown! Poor baby girl.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spoiled much???

So some people seem to think Prestley is spoiled...we believe since she is of above average intelligence that she just gets bored very easily! Soooo she needs lots of new toys to play with so she doesn't get bored, RIGHT? Here is her latest toy, which she loves and throws major tantrums when you take her away from it!